Microsoft Dynamics NAV, formerly known as Microsoft Business Solutions Navision, is a cost effective integrated business management solution for mid and small scale enterprises

Application areas of Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Financial Management:


                                        Financial management is the most important and powerful part of the business, it makes your business, run ahead of others. It is basically about managing money. Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, We can also easily manage,

  • Ledger
  • Budgets
  • Invoice
  • Sales Tax
  • Sales Order Management
  • Cash management
  • Payments
  • Accounts payable

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • We can automate the financial needs as per your company needs in an efficient way.
  • Revenues are being handled in much secured and erroneous way to avoid time delay.
  • We can easily get the financial status of the company in as much as time possible
  • We can easily determine the best way to improve revenue of the company by obtaining the various reports
  • We can easily determine which projects yield money,so that we can invest a lot in that particular project.
  • We can easily control the cash flow
  • We can easily calculate Value Added Tax(VAT) for each and every customers ,so that we can inform the customers regularly
  • We can manage account information for each and every customers in a datasheet
  • Access to the employees based on the role of the employee in the company




                                      Distribution is another powerful part of the business. The management of goods in the company will help the company grow in an efficient way. We will always have the proper goods, whatever the customers demand. We will have proper supply of goods at all times at any situations.  We can provide exact information of our stock to the customer.                                
                                          Microsoft Dynamics NAV has excellent features to manage the Stock management like,

  • Cost of the Products
  • Ware house Receipt
  • Product Details
  • Vendor details
  • Alternate Vendor
  • Warehouse management system
  • Alternate product details
  • Cost Worksheet         

Benefits using Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • We will have the up to date details of the product, which are present in multiple locations in as much as time we need.
  • We can trace the goods, so that we can eliminate the expired goods
  • We can check the customer requested goods in multiple locations in as much as time, so that we can deliver the goods on time.
  • We can notify the suppliers, employees by sending Email, when there is crisis in amount of stock
  • We can connect Manufacturing, sales, Distribution department for effective business
  • Reminders for customer and supplier on forthcoming deliveries in order to avoid last minute struggle
  • We can set the deadline for the payments receivables
  • We can manage the business globally by updating the multiple currencies. It will automatically calculate according it
  • We can set the standard document lines that can automatically into new sales and invoices


Manufacturing Process Management (MPM):


                                        Managing the productions will increase the productivity of the company and we can also control the Quality. MPM is a collection various methods and categories by which the products should be made. Using Microsoft NAV, we can control the manufacturing of products by various methods like,

  • Cost estimate
  • Product details
  • Production capacity
  • Details of Product Lifecycle
  • Quality control
  • Flow of manufacturing
  • Process of manufacturing

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • We can easily adopt to the new changes in the manufacturing process as early as possible
  • We can schedule the manufacturing process based on the orders obtained in order to avoid congestion
  • We can automate the manufacturing process if there is any urgent order
  • We can easily obtain the material cost during the manufacturing so that we can fix the cost of the product and calculate the profit.
  • We can view the manufacturing process schedule in Gantt chart and there is drag and drop functionality using that we can   reschedule the manufacturing process
  • We can easily arrange materials if there is any last minute change by analyzing the requirement using “what if “ scenarios.
  • We can update the change in materials simultaneously when there is a change in the manufacturing process.
  • We can allocate the manpower and machines according to various orders available
  • We can easily obtain the status of individual orders that are under the manufacturing process


Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
                                            CRM is a very important in each and every Business. CRM is a process collecting customer information by individuals throughout the company in order to maximize customer service and increase sales. Using Microsoft NAV we can improve,

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Commissions
  • Effective Customer Service
  • Scheduling the Tasks
  • Improved Call Center services
  • Details about every documents
  • Manage the contracts between customers
  • Automation of Emails
  • Call Logs

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • We can easily maintain the tasks, mails, contact details of the customers since we use most familiar Microsoft Outlook
  • We can even work with certain amount Microsoft NAV data during offline so that it can embed when we login next time.
  • We can manage the task using Microsoft Outlook. We can add reminders so that tasks are completed on time.
  • We can obtain the customer logs of calls, meetings, or any other activities in other application areas and we can attach the document and related data’s to that logs
  • We can easily obtain the customizable sales reports using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook
  • We can customer keep any customers information and their order details at the finger tips so that who ever picks can easily respond to customer needs 
  • We can Make service level agreements and also we can set the response times ,so that service orders can be automated along with contract details
    and contract fulfillment


Human Resource Management:


                                            Human Resource Management is used for managing the most valuable assets - employees of the company. Using Microsoft NAV, we can perform the various functions of Human Resource Management like,

  • Recruitment Strategy Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Orientation
  • Training
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Compensation
  • Safety
  • Pay roll
  • Attendance
  • Industry and Employee Relationship
  • Promotions


  • Resources available and resource needed are always kept track , so that  there wont be any urgent need for recruitment
  • We can manage capacity of resources available in the company for the



                                     Using ECommerce we can provide the business a wide dimension. We can use internet for buying and selling the products.


Microsoft NAV has extra features like,

  • Commerce gateway, to share Document through Internet, with any system in the company to avoid  the time delay
  • Commerce Portal, so that the customers can easily navigate through the website and can obtain the data’s they needed.


Additional Supports:


Multiple currencies:
                                                    Companies that indulge in global business have the need to manage multiple currencies in all of their operations. Using Microsoft NAV, we can manage the multiple currencies in various operations like Bill payment, Cash management.

Multiple Languages:
                                                Similar to multiple currencies, Global business needs several languages to communicate with the customers, employees. Using Microsoft NAV, we can easily achieve multilingual facilities. It helps employees to work on their own language and customers can understand the products in their own languages.

                                               Reports are very important in an organization to understand growth of the company. Using Microsoft NAV, we can create Reports based on any criteria that are available. Criteria may be the employee performance, Product, Year…etc


Technical Needs:


  • C/Side
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer’s Toolkit
  • Client Monitor
  • Code Coverage
  • Debugger
  • Application Server
  • C/ODBC


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