Danfon Communications



Danfon Communications Inc. offers a state-of-the-art IP-based PBX solution to your corporate office. This solution helps your company to greatly improve your communication requirement and also reduce communication costs while preserving ease of use and enhancing the existing functionality. Besides traditional telephone communications, DanFon’s solution adds powerful features such as voicemail, conference calling, interactive voice response system (menu), company directory, call forwarding, and many more.


Internal calls: By completely eliminating the costs of phone calls between BOs (branch offices), great savings can be achieved ensuring a quick return on investment. When you set up such systems between your offices, all calls to these offices are absolutely free.
International calls: DanFon’s competitive termination rates will help your company save up to 80% on international calls.


Corporate VoIP Account: Our unique Corporate VoIP solution allows you to keep track of each employee’s international calls and control your costs. Each extension at your office has a virtual account with a certain virtual credit granted by you which he can use for international calling. This way you make sure that nobody is abusing the line and causing excess costs for your company. You can view real-time reports of call details, account balances, payment history and feature settings. Each user will be able to login to their personal page at our site (www.danfon.com/client) and see their individual call details, call rates and also set up call forwarding, voice mail etc. The management will have a Admin Web Interface (www.danfon.com/admin) where you can set up new users, add status of each users in your office, add credits etc.
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