Technical Details



Platform: Server-based, located in your office. Built using reliable, field-proven components. No moving parts besides cooling fan ensures high reliability and long lifetime.

Capacity & Scalability: Sufficient call-capacity is provided by a Digium 8 port FXO card that can handle up to 8 city land lines for incoming calls. But as your office grows, we can add up to 120 incoming calls. Base capacity for local extensions the system can handle is 300, but is expandable to over 1000. The system can handle 60 simultaneous calls, scalable up to 120. Real call capacity over internet to other branches and international calls depends on the internet connection as well.

Management: Remote configuration is possible using a secure connection through the Internet. Changing extensions and any aspect of the software setup is possible to do remotely and does not require a trained local staff or expensive field installations.

Quality: The sound quality of voice conversations handled by the Danfon Communication system is equal to normal analogue phone’s voice quality.

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